Next is a specialty construction firm focused on providing innovative solutions specifically to the nuclear power industry. The primary focus of our work involves utilizing high strength composites to provide cost effective, low plant impact solutions to infrastructure problems relating to:

  • Structural degradation due to age and corrosion
  • Load or design criteria changes
  • Seismic qualification or upgrades
  • Blast mitigation
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Asset Protection from corrosion issues

Company personnel have extensive experience in providing these solutions in the industrial marketplace and over 40 years experience providing customer driven solutions to the nuclear power market. The experience of the owners and employees of Next Composite Solutions includes:

  • Specific project experience in every operating Nuclear Power Station in the United Statesimage001
  • Significant experience in the international nuclear market including work in China, South
    Korea, Japan, Europe and South America.
  • Successful completion of hundreds of shutdown projects throughout the US Nuclear market
  • Extensive experience operating under 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Programs
  • Experience operating in high radiation areas
  • Completion of testing and qualification programs for innovative solutions for the nuclear market
  • Over 25 years experience providing solutions to a wide variety of industries using high strength composites, including providing these solutions in the nuclear power market
  • Expertise in corrosion protection solutions for aggressive environments

While the company is very focused on providing value based solutions to the industry, we have also adopted policies to support performance at the highest levels of Quality and Safety.