Nuclear Generating Station


The large concrete reinforced girders supporting the turbine building have been damaged from salt water exposure.

NEXT Solution:

After an initial review with both the Engineer, the Owner and KL Structures, Next determined that a repair could be completed using carbon fiber, offering lower cost and significantly lower impact to the plant that the initially proposed repair.
Next then did a detailed analysis of the beam and area:

  • Review of drawings of existing and adjacent beam
  • Review of loading
  • Site visit to determine conditions, level of damage and feasibility of repair
  • Review of cause of damage to determine if further mitigation was required
  • Review of all findings with KL Structures to develop preliminary engineering for repair

Despite some access issues and the extreme loading and severe degradation of the beam, we were able to develop a structural repair and develop a detailed cost proposal and schedule.


Girder was rebuilt and reinforced with carbon fiber per engineering calculations.