Next provides innovative solutions that are engineered and tailored to a client’s specific problem. In that process, we match products to applications to find the best and most cost effective solution. Advanced materials such as composite fabrics are often very effective alternatives for repair and rehabilitation work.

Next works with the following composite materials:

  • Laminates – Carbon, basalt and glass for beam reinforcement, concrete crack repair and rebar replacement.
  • image003Carbon fabrics – for blast hardening and structural repair of concrete and/or steel infrastructure such as floor slabs, beams and columns, pipes and tanks.


  • image004Basalt fabrics – for structural repair where non-conductive material is required. Properties include no wicking and an insulator for temperature and sound.


  • image005Glass fabrics (both E-glass and S-glass) – used for axial confinement and applications requiring lower strength materials. Non-conductive.


  • image006Kevlar fabrics – used for blast mitigation and ballistic protection.